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In 1999, he made his feature movie debut as Ricky in the movie Mambo Cafe, which was released in the year 2000.He followed that by participating in the film Prince of Central Park (2000) before heading for Los Angeles, California. The network's latest drama examines the world of renegade physician Dr. Rush (played by Tom Ellis), and Gonzalez co-stars as Manny Maquis, a well-connected dealer who considers Rush a friend as well as a client. Very tiring, just no sleep, but other than that it’s a lot of fun. We’re at the stage of just holding her hand and kind of running her around [the] whole entire place. Now, besides being a daddy, you have another role starring in a new show called . Manny is a very outgoing guy who runs a very successful delivery business.We chatted with the New York-born star to get the scoop on his character and his best role yet: Fatherhood. He is not your typical drug dealer type, but he is successful at it.He is an American actor and singer, well recognized for portraying as Ben Gonzalez on the CW supernatural drama TV series "Reaper" and as Timo Cruz in the motion picture "Coach Carter".From the 1998 television movie Thicker Than Blood, he started his acting career in New York.Right away working with Jonathan Levine, who created the show, he definitely [said he] wanted a fun outgoing guy who is pretty smart enough to navigate different types of clientele.

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Most recently, he co-starred in the CW television series Reaper as Ben Gonzalez.

In 2013, Gonzalez appeared in the NCIS episode "Oil & Water", as Lenny Machaca.

On May 24, 2011 Gonzalez released his mixtape album hosted by DJ G-Spot titled "The Invisible Man" citing "I called it the invisible man because of my frustration trying to get my music career going for at least 7 years and feeling ignored by the industry.

Check it all out in our exclusive interview below: First of all, congratulations on becoming a father! He runs a delivery business and he basically gets Rush whatever type of narcotics he wants or needs at the moment.

At any time of the day he is there to give Rush whatever types of drugs he wants.His teachers were instrumental in convincing Gonzalez to apply and try out for the High School of the Performing Arts, on which Fame was based, in Manhattan. In 1997, he graduated and began to pursue a career in acting.

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