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Kim's new boyfriend, Garland, scores big laughs at a comedy laugh-off.

When Garland starts using fat jokes as his main act, Nikki and others get offended.

Meanwhile, Kim and Stevie try to ditch their dates from the charity auction.

After Nikki and Kim fail to convince Frank to give them a large discount on a Saturn, they buy a car at a police auction.

But the thrill of making fast cash quickly fades, however, when they meet one of their regular callers and see what the hotline has really done for her.

Meanwhile, Nikki tries to score points with Professor Oglevee by dog sitting, unaware of his dog's bizarre condition.

And, Nikki is romanced by a 21-year-old student from Santa Monica College.

After Kim unveils her new designs at a sorority fashion show, her creations catch the eye of Professor Oglevee's mother, Camille, who owns a chain of boutiques.

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Kim had plans to take "T" to the party but he already had someone else in mind.

But when Nikki finds out that "T" was gambling with Cliff, she decides to confront him immediately by battling him in a game of cards.

Nikki has three queens and up and leaves.

Getting ready to go to the Santa Monica College, Kim and Nikki decide to pledge for the "Triple A's." Kim worries if her mom, Nikki can handle the sorority without quitting because the group is very crazy and rough.

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Looking for extra income to help pay their college expenses, Kim and Nikki take jobs at a psychic hotline, and wind up being their star employees.

They share an unusual bond, but it becomes short-lived when Professor Oglevee's stuck-up girlfriend, Veronica Cooper, insists that she cares for her man.