Dating someone who has bipolar disorder harry and ginny dating

18-Feb-2018 11:03

They drive me to the doctor and they read about the illness and they know how much I hate the pills but they make me take them anyway. I am 39 , I have had anger issues for years, I also have bad back pain and been on pain meds for years. I had got a couple pills for pain and guy had put cocaine in the capsules and I felt like I was gonna have a heart attack. We are al damaged in one way or another, to some degree or other. Of course that would be difficult because physical realities are so much harder to lose sight of.

They tell me stories that start out "When you're feeling better . ." and they look me in the eye while they're saying that. We are al damaged in one way or another, to some degree or other. The bipolar I always said was cause I was just an a-hole . N hospital said um cocaine can cause you to have heart issues n I couldn't believe I had took it. the feeling of leaving this self absorbed place is so close to my heart. n its not been a few weeks I've been like this its been 5 months I'm about at my end I don't have insurance and I am pleading for someone to just help someone who wants to be better n be a father to my kids and a husband to my wife of 27 yrs together . Your four points are so normal They would apply equally well to any condition. I'm afraid I let down a friend with bipolar ii many times.

You are miserable inside and miserable to be around.

I will list the final ten symptoms in my next blog and also offer some tips for managing this type of depression.

As for suicidal ideation, shall we talk about last week's bout? Sometimes you run across those of us who aren't considered normal, and you just can't figure us out.

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