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10-Jun-2018 04:03

» and will be able to distinguish a response from a new query.

At this point there are two situations: either you use a bot-builder and you will have a hard time going to this level of customization.

Contextualization allows you to modify a response based on a previous request.

Today we make sure to have answers that do not include open questions because it is sometimes difficult to answer.

Users also like a conversation to its lighter form, also called small talk, social talk or phatic communication.

This allows people who are conversing in social situations to get to know each other, on more informal topics.

Throughout the interaction, if the medium was a conversational interface, the buttons would have no place to replicate the experience.

So how can we do with the current state of the art of AI? The goal here is to simulate a conversation that is human, which is almost incompatible with the button usage.Contextualization is surely one of the most effective levers to amaze your users.We are at the beginning of an AI-powered discussion.Except that today we’re dealing more with a robot than a real conversation with artificial intelligence.

And it is indeed technically complicated to automate a conversation, as the possibilities are great.

You will never be able to handle all the off-script requests – hence the interest to manage the misunderstanding of your chatbot – but you will be able to add as you go along the small talks that you will find in conversations with your users To do this, use as a basis what the NLP platforms offer (the Dialogflow small talk agent, or the small talk template), and plan to monitor your misunderstandings to find improvements to the small talk of your chatbot. Take inspiration from these tools to know the basic small talk scope to cover.

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